Day 1

Meet your choe! Your choe is a simple but delicate organism. Just like you, it requires love and attention -- but not too much! Together, we can help it grow.

Winning Choice: WATER

Day 2

Your choe seemed to like that. A small gesture can go a long way for another living being. Plants take what they're given, and they don't ask for much. Don't be afraid to ask for little things. What does your choe want next?

Winning Choice: LIGHT

Day 3

The sun feels good. I don't know how long the weather will hold. Seasons of change and all that. Your choe likes the warmth that you've provided. It's a shame that it can't tell you so itself. Maybe you need a new way to listen.

Winning Choice: LIGHT

Day 4

It's starting to get toasty. Remember: everything in moderation. It's got to be difficult though, with limited choice we stick to what's familiar. What limits us? Sounds like a storm is coming in. The island should be fine. Hope your choe is OK with thunder.

Winning Choice: SNIP

Day 5

Your choe is multiplying. What will you call this little guy? Your choe seemed to like that, but parenthood is difficult. You've put a lot of pressure on this plant. Choices can't be taken back. The scissors don't un-cut.

Winning Choice: WATER

Day 6

Looks like you're taking my advice. A little drop of water can go a long way. Tonight's forecast will put that to the test. Now you've got two mouths to feed, maybe more on the way. The kalanchoe is deserving of its nickname; don't let it stray too far from its namesake.

Winning Choice: WATER

Day 7

Soil's soaked, but that's alright. Forgiveness is a virtue. Sit and spin. That's all a little guy like this can really do. It's looking bad out there, but that's no matter. You've only got 4 choices. I think. So focus. And make one. And block out all the rest. Work with what you have.

Winning Choice: IGNORE

Night 8

You've ignored your choe. Our choe. More people need to participate. For now, sleep the storm away. Your choe is resting, no decisions to be made. You should rest too. But, if you're so inclined, how about a name for your choe? Enter it below. Whichever name is submitted the most will win. Good luck.

No Choice

Day 9

It's really coming down out there. Will you pay attention to your choe today? Without love and support, it too will be washed away. Examine its needs, assess its well-being, make the choice. Maintenance is a virtue. Remember, whichever name gets the most submissions will be given to your choe.

Choice: LIGHT

Day 10

That's one way to light up a room. No matter, those sirens needed to be put to use eventually. Your choe seems...better. Happier? If there's any plant that can feel love it's this one. Rainy days. This too shall pass and all that.

Winning Choice: LIGHT

Day 11

Persechoe! What a name; it suits her. You've done such a good job. Why don't you treat yourself to something nice? Don't mind the water. I'm sure it'll be fine. The sky's opening up. Save sad thoughts for a sunny day.

Winning Choice: SHOP

Day 12

"Welcome, no refunds, items may look different than advertised." He seems friendly. Well, chop chop, get to shopping. Prices are on the right, and if the top two chosen options are afforable, you'll get both. Don't leave Persechoe and her child waiting for too long.

Winning Choice: RADIO & SOIL

Day 13

The radio is talking to you: "Mass...cuation, report to...high ground." You can change it to a music station if you'd like, whatever that babble is sounds rude. You hold on to the other radio for now, and Persechoe will keep this one. Wow! That soil really did a number on her growth. Getting a little wet in here. No bother. Just tend to your plants.

Winning Choice: LIGHT

Day 14

THERE IS NOTHING SELFISH ABOUT PRIORITIZING A PLANT. Sorry. I think that light is coming from a hole in the roof. A little more water and the window is going down. Persechoe is strong. I believe it. How are you holding up? Here, some music: " land by sea by dirigible, we'll leave our tracks untraceable..."

Winning Choice: LIGHT

Day 15

As the final waves crash in, the window buckles, and Persechoe is taken into the flood. You manage to grab her child before ascending into the light of the rooftop. Outside, you see your neighbor waving next to his radio antenna's blinking light. To your right, a rope connects to a small boat, the right size for a child. Below, the water has swallowed Persechoe. Luckily, you have your radio, and by switching channels, can still speak to her. She says: "...."

Winning Choice: SNIP

Day 16

You descend into the water and cut the boat loose. There isn't enough space for you, so Persechoe and her child take the boat. Ahead, your neighbor adjusts the radio on the rooftop; below, the water holds secrets; and in front, Persechoe looks at you with love, her tangled vines drenched. The water isn't still, so you can't stay here for long.

Winning Choice: LIGHT

Day 17

You pull yourself to your neighbor's home. Illuminated by the light of a small radio setup, he calls to you, "You OK down there? Look, I'm managaging some resuce operations from up here with my radio if you want to lend a hand, otherwise, you can cut that rope and use it to navigate to a shelter upstream. What kept you in your house so long?" As you begin to respond, you feel the water trying to pull you down.

Night 17

I know it's been a long day. A lot has happened. But rest is important. Especially on the island, it's important to not exert yourself. Making choices takes a different kind of energy. We'll see the results tomorrow. These next few choices may be unclear. But that's the problem with limited power against a poweful world: you don't get all the options you want.

No Choice

Day 18

You give yourself to the rushing current, letting your body get pulled underwater. You don't know how long you're down there before you gain your senses. In front of you, oceanic life has overtaken a city street, aquatic plants and saltwater fish swimming among human designs. The cord of a camcorder dangles in front of you, while the light of some tunnel illuminates in the distance. You can try to resurface from the water, but you aren't sure where you are. Decide now.

Winning Choice: IGNORE

Day 19

As you close your eyes to the world around you, dizzying with every additional second spent underwater, images begin to flash through your mind. A man dangling from a rope, Persechoe afloat on the water, that dimming light ahead, and in the darkest corner of your simmering pain, your old windowsill, peaceful and calm. Choose? As if there's an option.

Winning Choice: LIGHT

Night 20

You swim with the current, directing yourself to the light of the tunnel. It pulls you through, and as you wash up on the other side, you find yourself at the edge of the flood on a country road. Ahead of you are choes. Thousands of them. All requiring love, care, and attention. Behind, a flood threatens the soil; ahead, electrical lines are disturbed by strong winds. And the sun, shedding its warmth and light, illuminates the field of your children. Make a choice. Make it count.

Winning Choice: WATER

Day 21

You take one last look at the army of choes, then turn back the way you came. Swimming against the current, you struggle to make it back, and in the distance you notice your home as the waves overtake you. When you awaken, she's there, vines full and wild and exhausted. You don't recognize where you are, but you recognize Persechoe. You think she recognizes you, too. This is your final choice. Make it count.

Winning Choice: SNIP

Day 22

Here, among the ruins of your island home, with winds bearing down and fires flaring up, you pause. You look at your choe, stronger than ever before, and you enjoy, just for a moment, the humble task of pruning her buds. For every snip, a new child is born, placed into dirt taken from their mother's pot. Her weighty branches relieve as you make the final cut, and the family is complete. If you don't act quickly, the water will submerge you, the fire will catch you, and the isolation will leave you stranded.

No Choice

You didn't choose to face the world on its terms, but on yours, with what you knew you could manage. With limited abilities, you made questionable choices when every choice was questionable. Sometimes, we just have to work with what we have. As the sirens ring out, Persechoe's radio crackles to life with the blaring of trumpets and a choir of voices. The wind picks up, and the last song plays through a cacophony of thunder and static: "...there'll be days like this, my mama said..."